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Do You Like To Level Up?

We do!

We are excited to continue improving! The first thing you probably noticied is that blog posts can now how images, and the styling got a bit of an update. We have more blog improvements planned!

The home page also got an update. We wanted to better explain the purpose of Artist Outline, and we think we've STARTED to do that. Instead of forcing you to find the home page yourself...

These are the boring updates, but we're super excited to talk about...

New Features

Background Images! What might seem like a small feature is game changing for artists. A background image instantly transforms the vibe of your profile!

PRO TIP: Use the Lightness option to make sure your text stands out on your background image. If you have light text try the Darker option, if you have dark text try the Lighter option. Of course there is a chance the text looks perfect with no change, (look at you being awesome,) and you can leave it on Original.

Signature Images are a new feature that allow you to display an image below your links. You can take this quite literally if you want, and use an image of your signature; however, we encourage you to get creative! Try an album cover, logo, or even a random picture you like!

PRO TIP: You can use a .png file with a transparent background!

Enhanced Features

We updated the link editor to be easier to use!

We also updated the colorpickers! ...which we realize is pretty much only exciting to us but still, look!

Did you make it this far?

We'd love to know what you think of the new updates! If you have an account, you can use the feedback page to let us know! You can also submit ideas for new features or enhancements. Looking forward to hearing from you!